Alicia Keys Gives Most Inspiring Response to 2 Biracial Sisters on The Voice!

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So I caught up on my DVR shows last night and I was so flippin’ excited to see these sisters audition on NBC’s #TheVoice ! “Why do I love Whitney Sim and Shannon (Sim) Bates ?” you ask… Well there are several reasons so I figured I’ll just list the top five here.

Here is why #WhitneyandShannon is my favorite blind audition for The Voice, Season 11:

  1. First. these sisters are insanely talented and inspiring! No really, they sound like angels singing, hence the 4-chair turn. #BlackGirlMagic
  2. They are biracial! NBC doesn’t necessarily focus on their family (which disappointed me) but their mom, Alva, is Black and their father is white. Shannon’s husband is also white. So double Remixed bonus!
  3. They challenge stereotypes even in their music! Their Dixie Chicks rendition of “Landslide” was not the “expected” genre for them to sing and they killed it!

4. They grew up as children of missionaries and have hearts to serve. WhitneyAndShannon
Their online music page says “We are an inspirational, feel good, soft pop sister duet. Our hope is that our music will spread a positive message to our listeners.” Lord knows we need more feel goods and inspiration.






5. Last but not least, their performance leads Alicia Keys (who, of course, is also biracial) to give what I’m calling “The Most Inspirational Pep Talk for Multi-ethnic People Ever”!

NBC The Voice
NBC The Voice

I think her words could easily apply to every Remixed Family (Interracial, Biracial, Adoption/Foster) actually. And if you pretend she’s not a judge on a singing competition show, and just listen to what she’s saying, I believe you’ll agree. It’s inspiring and makes me proud to be mixed, and in a category alongside these awesome ladies!


Please enjoy the video of the audition below and share! You can continue to watch the sisters in action starting tonight at 8pm EST on NBC.

Who are some of your favorite multi-racial musicians? How have they inspired you?



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