Where Ashton Eaton Gets His Confidence

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Olympic Decathlon two-Time Gold Medal Winner, Ashton Eaton, certainly has swag! It’s definitely well earned as one of only three, two-time decathlon winners in Olympic history!! The others are Bob Mathias (USA 1948 and 1952) and Daley Thompson (Great Britain, 1980 and 1984).

As we can imagine, it takes a lot of guts to pursue such high goals and Eaton certainly proved he has them. In addition to his Olympic gold medals, he is a two-time world champion, and holds three heptathlon titles in indoor track. He also tied the Olympic record in Rio with 8,893 points.

He didn’t always have the same confidence he holds now though. As a young biracial boy (his mother is Caucasian and his father is African-American) who grew up in rural Oregon his mother, Roslyn Eaton, shares, (where) “not everyone understands color.”

And when they were harassed by young white men while driving, he experienced a defining moment early in life. And the words his mother shared with him, I believe, gave him the strength he needed to go out and shine. Regardless of race, these are powerful words for any parent to share with their child.

“You always do the best that you can. And that will speak for itself.”


He is a hero for many of us to look up to. And I think his mom is too.

Grab your tissues, this video will have your in tears by the end.


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